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How Long Should you Wait to Have Sex?

February 20, 2018

“Women use sex to get love, and men use love to get sex”? Does that line sound familiar? It is a great summation of the “Sex Trap”. Basically, it happens when single women interpret good sex as love.


Furthermore, for these singles women, having sex carries immense meaning and consequences. Singles who have sex early may fall into the Sex Trap in one (or both) of two ways:


1) They believe sex is a necessary test of compatibility, (if the sex is good then the relationship will be      good as well)

2) More commonly, all consciousness goes out the window, and one or both formerly level-headed singles consider themselves a committed couple as soon as they have sex.


Rather than looking at whether this other person might be a match on levels other than physical attraction — such as long-term requirements, needs, and wants — they are blind-sided by the chemistry under the covers.


No doubt, it can be challenging to keep in touch with reality when all those hormones are running wild. Our body reacts to someone we are attracted to by producing hormones such as PEA or phenylethylamine (natural amphetamine), dopamine and norepinephrine (natural mood enhancers), and testosterone (increases sexual desire), which makes the opportunity to have sex with someone we are attracted to extremely hard to resist. Then, after orgasm, we produce oxytocin (which acts on the hypothalamus to produce emotions), which makes us feel very close to and bonded with our sex partner.


These chemical reactions are involuntary and strong, leading to powerful feelings of attraction, excitement, love, closeness, and well-being. But when problems arise, those who fall into the Sex Trap often rationalize by thinking, “Well, our relationship isn’t perfect and we have problems like any other couples, but the sex is great!” They most likely wouldn’t admit it, but they prioritize physical intimacy and regard the rest as optional. Their main scouting tools are sexual attraction and physical compatibility.


I do want to point out that chemistry is important. Yet, chemistry is a given that we can’t control in a relationship; it is either there or not there, and it must be there for the partnership to work. If not there, we can’t “make” chemistry happen, though sometimes it can grow over time.


Single women who pursue a relationship based upon sexual chemistry risk relationship failure when the hormone-induced intoxication wears off and reality hits.


To avoid the Sex Trap, you must balance your heart (and hormones) with your head. This means combining chemistry with common sense. While good sex is important for a sustainable relationship, you need to make your partner choices by paying full attention to your vision, values, goals and requirements — while feeling all those exciting sparks!


Want to learn how to choose a partner without falling into the sex trap? Try my 7 day challenge here.

or book a clarity call here.


© Relationship Coaching Institute | All rights reserved | Adapted with permission


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