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Men are afraid of me

I'm not getting past

the first date

I lack self esteem

I've never been in a relationship before

I don't get asked out


I have a busy schedule

I have a secret

What is your hurdle?

All good men are married

My income scares men away

I am a single mom

I am too tall

Not meeting enough eligible men?

Can’t get past the first few dates?

Men are interested in casual dates but not in a committed relationship?

Meeting men but not the right type?

Always dating the same type of men?

Not getting any first dates?

Fear of commitment?

Lacking self esteem?

Attracting the wrong guys?

Not sure what your doing wrong?

Too shy?

Men are afraid of you?

Men tell you you are perfect yet don't seek relationships from you?

Busy schedule?

Need a makeover?

Doing something wrong but can't pinpoint what?

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